Infinite Dysmorphia


~Infinite Dysmorphia~

An anthology of science fiction and speculative stories exploring how science and technology could change what it means to be human. Bio implants, cybernetics, genetic modification, age reversal, robotics and technology…what is the human experience of undergoing these procedures, and what is the advance of technology going to bring?
What does the future hold in store for those who are pushing the definition of humanity?

I have the  honour of having my story included in this anthology,  amongst amazing authors like Frances Kay and Dolly Garland.

The book is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

infinite dysmorphia


PPW and Nicci French

I haven’t been posting lately because I was suffering a minor case of PPW: Post-Publication Withdrawal.

This is a condition where the newly published author is overcome by a sense of What have I done   How did this happen   I’m just an average boring stay-at-home old hag and now I have a book out and soon it will be discovered that I’m not actually an author at all but I’m just writing stuff and now I got it published and I need to go hide in a deep dark cave.

So that’s where I’ve been these last few weeks. In my cave. It’s a good cave too, with computer games, cats, tea, and hot and cold running water.

photo of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French
Nicci French go Dutch

Today I stepped out of the cave to announce a thing that my number one fan (aka Mum) has done.  She went to a book signing in the town where she lives, in the Netherlands. The signing was by Nicci French, one (or rather two) of our favourite authors. Nicci French is the pen name of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French, who together write thrilling crime novels.

Mum bought me a copy of Nicci French’s latest book Day of the Dead, and went to the signing to have it signed for me.  But not only that, no. Being a mum, she also took with her a copy of Gwithyas: Door to the Void to show to them, and she had a nice chat with them about it too.

So now those two massively famous authors have seen my little novel, and heard and read my name. I don’t know yet if that thought makes my PPW better or worse, but for now, I will proudly share what they wrote in my copy of ‘Day of the Dead’.

'Day of the Dead' by Nicci French, signed with message: Congratulations on your book! And Good Luck with your future writing! Sean French Nicci Gerrard
Signed for me by Nicci French

Thanks Mum!

Book Launch

I’m doing a book launch.
This means I’ll connect a warp engine to “Gwithyas: Door to the Void” and send the little novel off to boldly go where no book has gone before; to be read by strange new worlds, to seek new readers and new bookshops!

No, wait.
That’s not right.
I’ll try again.

I’m doing a book launch.
That means that I’ll present my novel to an audience, in my case at the local bookshop.
I’ll give a short talk, a shorter reading, try to sell my book, and offer biscuits to everyone.
And a competition! There will be a competition too.
All this will take place on 21 March 2018 from 7 pm to 8 pm.

The event is even announced in the (very local weekly) newspaper!
On page three. Make of that what you will.

leaflet for book launch on 21 March at Nickleby's Bookstore

Zircon at Forbidden Planet

Zircon Gwithyas goes to the Big City!

This Saturday 24 February “Gwithyas: Door to the Void” will be for sale at the small press expo in the Forbidden Planet London Megastore.

Make sure to get your own copy.

[Gwithyas: Door To The Void (Product Image)]


The link says I will sign it, but sadly, that won’t be the case because I cannot afford to go to London. Perhaps if I sell enough books, I could go to London another time and have a signing session for copies of “Gwithyas: Door to the Void”

My Writing

  • Available in digital format: ANGEL, a novelette. The first episode in the ‘Charity’s Shop’ series.
  • My young adult novel Gwithyas – Door to the Void has been published in 2018, by Kristell Ink
  • I have a short story in the anthology Infinite Dysmorphia
  • My next novel: ‘The Calling’ is under construction – and the title may still change!

Download links:

Book Cover of Gwithyas: Door to the Void
GWITHYAS: Door to the Void

Gwithyas: Door the the Void on Amazon

Book Cover of 'ANGEL' a novelette. Episode 1 in the Charity's Shop series.
ANGEL: Episode 1 in the Charity’s Shop series

ANGEL on Smashwords
ANGEL on Amazon


Infinite Dysmorphia

Infinite Dysmorphia on Amazon

Angels in Charity’s Shop

Yes, I’m a lazy blogger. I fear that will not change. I’m less lazy as a writer though, and I have recently sCover Charity Angelelf-published a little novelette: ‘Angel’, the first episode of my new series ‘Charity’s Shop’, which, you guessed it,  takes place largely in a charity shop. Not in an ordinary charity shop, of course. This particular shop is in the small Welsh town of Llerhyfedd, and there’s something odd about it. Something to do with, possibly, magic. Or ghosts. Or witchcraft.
Or perhaps just with a lack of organisation.

Meanwhile my novel ‘Gwithyas- Door to the Void’ has had a bit of a delay after a typesetting issue. That issue is now resolved and the book is mightily prettily typeset. It should be almost ready to be published, so I assume it’ll be available soon.

I’m still working hard on my big project: ‘The Calling’ but that one is far far from finished.

‘Charity’s Shop’ is my quick-and-easy new little series. Quick and easy for me to write, and quick and easy for you to read. I intend to publish a new episode every four months, and the first one, ‘ANGEL’  is now available on Amazon and via Smashwords.